Dental Cleanings

At Haws Family Dental, we know that one of the best ways to prevent dental problems is to practice good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, even with our best brushing and flossing efforts at home, it is still possible to run into problems. We recommend a bi-yearly visit to the dentist's office for professional dental cleaning in Brigham City, Utah. Our hygienists will give your teeth a deep cleaning to help increase tooth health. Dental cleanings leave you feeling like you have a brand new smile! If you aren't familiar with the dental cleaning process, please continue reading.

The Dental Cleanings Process

Each time you come into our office, you are considered family to our entire team and will be welcomed with excitement. It has been our priority to have an entire staff that has been professionally trained and educated, so we can answer any questions you may have and help you with any of your needs. To begin each routine dental cleaning, it is custom and recommended that each patient gets x-rays of their smile. X-rays are very beneficial in assisting the dentist in diagnosing even the most minor amounts of decay. Once x-rays are taken, the hygienist will start your deep cleaning.

Depending on the current cleanliness of your teeth, the hygienist might start removing hardened built-up plaque or calculus from the enamel of your teeth using a scaler. The dental scaler is a small, sharp metal hook that thoroughly eliminates the build-up quickly. Build-up can be present on any surface of your tooth. Removing the hard build-up prevents it from continuing, which could cause cavities or periodontal disease in the future. Once the scalar removes all hardened build-up, the hygienist will use the high-powered toothbrush instrument to ultimately "brush" your teeth, remove all plaque or food, clean each surface, and polish your smile. Although we are brushing our teeth, the instrument consists of a rubber tip that makes the cleaning more thorough than traditional brushes used at home.

After removing plaque and polishing, the hygienist will floss your teeth using proper techniques to ensure that all plaque and food is removed from the spaces between your teeth. During the flossing section of the cleaning, it is expected that gums will minorly bleed if routine flossing isn't being performed at home. Minor bleeding is nothing to be worried about; it just means you need to floss your teeth more frequently. Our entire professional dental cleaning procedure is designed to remove all problem-causing substances and give your teeth a nice shine. You will feel no pain during the dental cleaning, but we understand that some patients may suffer from anxiety and need extra help feeling comfortable. To assist our patients in feeling secure during their cleaning, we offer Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas as a minor sedative. If you believe you or a member of your family would benefit from little sedation, please inform us at your cleaning.

If you are in the Brigham City, Utah, area, we would love to have you in our dental office for dental cleaning. We know that a smile is essential to everyone, and here at Haws Family Dental, we are dedicated to helping you have your best and healthiest smile yet. Give us a call today or come by our office!