Wisdom Teeth Removal

Have you ever heard about wisdom teeth? If you have it’s probably because you’ve known someone who has had them removed. But why do we remove people's wisdom teeth and what purpose do they serve? Let’s find out…

​​​​​​​What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a set of molars that grow in when most people are in their late teens or early twenties. Some people never even get them at all, just because they were born without them. But for those who do have them, they can grow in and act just like any other molar. But for many people, these teeth grow in crooked and misaligned causing problems with other aspects of their oral health.

​​​​​​​What Kinds Of Problems Can They Cause?

Wisdom teeth can create overcrowding of your teeth and push teeth out of order. This can be especially problematic if you’ve had braces or other efforts made to get your teeth into perfect positioning. They can also cause damage to nerves as well as your jaw bone.

Wisdom Teeth X-Ray

​​​​​​​Why Get Them Removed?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can help prevent pain, misalignment of teeth, and more. Plus, the procedure is relatively short and the recovery is quick.

​​​​​​​How Are They Removed?

If your wisdom teeth have already broken through your gums then the tooth will be removed just like any other. If the wisdom teeth have yet to break through, then a small incision will be made at the area of the tooth and the tooth will be removed in pieces. Local or general anesthesia is used to relieve and even eliminate all pain and discomfort from the process.

If you’ve got wisdom teeth starting to come in or if you’d like to remove yours before they start causing problems, then visit our office today and get an appointment scheduled. At Haws Family Dentistry we’ve got a lot of experience working with wisdom teeth and we’d love to help you on your journey.