Toothache Dental Emergency


At Haws Family Dentistry, we understand that tooth pain never seems to happen at a great time. In fact, toothaches always seem to start at night, right after your dentist’s office has closed! While we are often inclined to tough it out and wait through the night, or in some cases, the entire weekend, there are times when an emergency appointment is necessary. We have developed this article to help you determine when it is the right time to call our offices for an emergency dental appointment.

A Loose Tooth

Adults who have all of their permanent teeth generally do not experience a loose tooth. So, if you feel that a tooth or teeth have suddenly become loose in your mouth, you should call Haws Family Dentistry to try to keep your teeth healthy and intact. Of course, loose permanent teeth can be caused by a variety of reasons. If you have recently been involved in an accident and had some type of traumatic injury to your mouth, you may want to get into the office as a precautionary measure too. While the teeth may still be intact, trauma to the mouth can cause nerve or jaw damage that is not immediately apparent.

Severe Toothache

While minor toothaches can be uncomfortable, they can also often wait until the office opens the next day. However, if you experience sudden and extreme tooth pain, there may be a bigger issue, and you should be seen right away. Seeking treatment quickly can help to save the tooth or identify some other issue that needs to be treated.

Aching and Bleeding Gums

While many patients will see some blood from their gums when they floss, you should be especially dutiful in seeking dental help if they are bleeding regularly, profusely, or if it makes your gums ache. This can be the sign of some serious underlying medical and dental conditions that should be treated right away. This is especially important to note if it is out of character for what your mouth and gums normally feel like, or how they respond to flossing or other activity.

Swelling in the Jaw

Swelling is one way that the body signals that there is an infection. If you have a jaw that has started to swell or become hot and painful, it may be your body’s signal that something is really wrong. The mouth is also an area that can easily spread infection throughout the body. Getting the proper diagnosis and treatment plan in place can help to stop the issue from becoming even more serious.

Dental Abscess

A tooth that has an abscess is the result of a very painful infection. Typically, abscesses are seen near the roots of the teeth and can be caused by an untreated cavity. An abscess is often noticed because the area is red, swollen, and painful. It can also be recognized by a foul taste in the mouth, pus, fever, or swollen glands around the mouth. Abscesses generally require some type of physical treatment to help eliminate the infection, drain the wound, and to allow the area to heal. Untreated abscesses can be very painful, lead to tooth loss or infection throughout the body.

Your Mouth Suddenly Tastes of Metal

If you have previously had a cavity or cavities filled, the sudden taste of metal can be an indication that your cavity has failed. Failed cavities leave the tooth exposed to the intrusion of new bacteria and infection. If this issue is left untreated, it can lead to the need for a root canal, or cause you to lose the tooth.


If you have any of these conditions and think that you need to seek emergency medical care, contact Haws Family Dentistry in Brigham City, UT today. We want to make sure that all of our patients receive the treatment they need when they need it.